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 Pachete de aplicatii software pentru infrastructura si topografie

Pana pe 30.10.2015 va oferim discounturi de 15% la pachetele de aplicatii software dedicate topografiei, cadastrului si infrastructurii.

Nu ratati aceasta oferta daca doriti o solutie de proiectare eficienta in domeniile topografie, cadastru sau infrastructura. Pachetele combina cea mai utilizata aplicatie de proiectare, AutoCAD, plus aplicatii specializate si adaptate pentru domeniile de mai sus.

  • Pachet AutoCAD + TopoLT: -15%
  • Pachet AutoCAD + TopoLT + ProfLT + TransLT: -15%

  • Pachet AutoCAD Design Suite Standard/Premium/Ultimate + TopoLT: -15%
  • Pachet AutoCAD Design Suite Standard/Premium/Ultimate + TopoLT + ProfLT + TransLT: -15%


Reducerea se aplica la achizitia licentelor noi.


topolt_logoTopoLT is an essential program for topographical and cadastral plans. The program brings an extra level of performance to your CAD application with new functionalities which allow fast drawing, automatic data processing so you can obtain a complete plan in the shortest time possible.


proflt_logoProfLT is an excellent choice if you want to draw longitudinal and transversal profiles in AutoCAD or other CAD software. The program allows easy generation of profiles, including the possibility to use the 3D model made with TopoLT and can be configured for many situations.


translt_logoTransLT is designed to calculate the transformation parameters and the transformation of coordinates between two coordinates systems is a fast and practical way. The software is aimed at specialists who use GPS technology to perform geodetic works.

There is a saying: "everything by the book", and everything is complete, with a very good commands organization. TopoLT and ProfLT are two very well designed programs, are complex and significantly increase the work speed due to the friendly interface. The system's efficiency and quality are to be appreciated, it is a much expected help to those who work in architecture, geodesy, topography and...

eng. Aurelian Acsinte (Jan 10, 2010)



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